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Contact Us

(1) Submit documents to: services@latex.cn

(2) Thank you for sending your service evaluation response to: services@latex.cn

(3) Please consult us if you have any payment problems: services@latex.cn

Our Workflow

Our workflow is very simple. Whether you want us to customize a unique LaTeX template or simply typeset your document content into an existing LaTeX template, our workflow is the same:

1. Send your request

Please send us your request (services@latex.cn). Requirements include all documents, images, tables, formulas, and journal templates to be typeset, as well as any renderings or captions necessary to create new LaTeX templates.

2. Get a quote

We will provide you with a clear price, project completion time, specific payment method and invoice according to your needs. You agree to use our service by pre-paying 50% of the total cost. In case of any problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at finance@latex.cn

3. Starting work

On confirmation of your pre-payment, we began processing the document. In most cases, the first draft will be sent to you prior to the mutually agreed deadline. If you decide to add additional features after we start work on the document or LaTeX template, the quote will increase accordingly. The revised cost is determined by the complexity of all requested additions.

4. Secondary processing of the PDF draft

Upon receipt of the first draft of a watermarked copy of the PDF document, you will be given the opportunity to request any structural, aesthetic or content changes you may need, to the extent reasonable. Once all changes are made, we provide you with a final PDF copy of your typeset document.

5. Receive your template code

When you are satisfied that the work has been performed in accordance with the specifications, we will send a second invoice for the remainder of the contract fee. After settlement, you will receive the files necessary for LaTeX compilation. Privacy is our number one priority. We will save the relevant documents for you for three months following the final delivery. After that time all the data of the serviced items will be deleted from our servers.

6. Extra support

To the extent reasonable, we will provide comprehensive LaTeX technical support to ensure that you are familiar with using your new templates or modifying documents.

7. Service evaluation

After the service is completed, you are encouraged to submit a review (services@latex.cn). Your feedback is valuable to us.

Our Guarantees

✔  Quality guarantee: We will be satisfied if all your reasonable requirements are met and all services will be fully continued until you are also satisfied. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and you will receive a response within one business day (services@latex.cn).

✔  Delivery guarantee: Working with customers around the world and winning your trust is our number one priority. We guarantee high quality completion of all work within the agreed time limit.

✔  Security guarantee: Protecting customer privacy is our number one priority. We will save the documents you submit to us for three months following the final delivery of contract completion. After that time alldata you have submitted to our service will be deleted from our servers.