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LaTeX template creation/modification

This service involves creating new LaTeX templates or modifying existing LaTeX templates to meet your specific needs. Maybe you like the look of a template but would like it to be modified to suit your particular needs, or you might even require the creation of a brand new LaTeX template for a journal or book. The output of this service is a LaTeX template that you can use to create an unlimited number of different documents with a specific layout.

With the principle of "customer first”, you can ask for the inclusion of any of your requirements, such as drawings, written instructions or documents. We will strictly develop your requirements until you are satisfied with the final result. Typically, this service is suited to organizations and individuals who process documents that require specific formats. For example: conform to your organization's paper layout guide, a conference's promotional page, speech, personal homework, resume, etc.

Additionally, LaTeX is challenging for people who may not be familiar with it, so each template we create separates the document content from the style commands. This means that all the code needed to create a template layout is stored in class.cls, while the document content is placed in document.tex. By using custom commands for all structured elements, users can quickly find the right place to make the changes they want.  Importantly, to the extent reasonable, we provide comprehensive technical support to ensure that you are familiar with your new LaTeX templates.


The sample applications for this service are: a JIN journal special issue flyer, a RCM journal paper layout template and a JMCM journal paper layout template, click on an image below to view the details. For more information, please follow the Resources.

      1flyer-jin.jpg                   3.JMCM.jpg

Our Service

LaTeX template creation/modification service involves but is not limited to the following:

★ Create a custom LaTeX template;          ★ Assist in optimizing existing LaTeX templates;           ★ Create LaTeX class files;

★ Page layout design;                                ★ Provide fully editable LaTeX scripts;                           ★ Provide LaTeX technical support.

★ Open source and multi-platform support, such as Windows, Linux.

Service Pricing

The price of LaTeX template creation/modification service is determined by the complexity of the template. Multiple LaTeX templates will be a discounted. For a quote please send a PDF, word sample or description to the LaTeX technical email address (services@latex.cn).

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