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Based on a thorough understanding of research paper and academic journal publication, PaperPal is committed to providing professional LaTeX typesetting services to customers around the world. PaperPal mission is to help authors, researchers and publishers save time and effort that can then be used for research, development and innovation rather than document layout. PaperPal use the LaTeX typesetting program, a TEX-based typesetting system. It is a typesetting technology developed for science and technology authors. LaTeX has  a powerful equation editor, rigorous icon tools and generates highly aesthetic layouts of any design. The format generated by LaTeX typesetting perfectly meets the requirements of many journals. The only significant problem is that LaTeX has its own markup language. This requires mastering a large set of skills that may take considerable time toimplement when obtaining any required formatting.                                                               

To minimize the burden of LaTeX typography, the detail of academic articles and the skills required for LaTeX, PaperPal offer LaTeX technical typesetting services to authors, academics, scientific, technical and medical publishers, as well as any team or individual requiring high quality and rapid typography. Whether you want a unique LaTeX template or to simply typeset your document content (even a sentence, a form) into an existing LaTeX template, PaperPal are here to help. PaperPal services include but are not limited to the following:


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21.png  Completely secure and confidential.

 22.png Professional LaTeX technical support.

  23.pngSolid academic papers and journal foundations.

  27.pngFully editable LaTeX scripts.

 25.png Rapid typesetting.


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